Experience one of our many soothing spa treatments in a tranquil environment that will revitalize your spirit. Whether you are looking for a one-time massage or a custom-made treatment plan, we are here to meet your needs. Choose your ideal service from the list below.


30-minute Session - $35
60-minute Session - $54
90-minute Session - $80
120-minute Session - $105

60-minute Pamper 3-Pak - $141

90-minute Pamper 3-Pak - $225

Take some time to de-stress and pamper yourself!  Our Relaxation or Swedish Massage is light to moderate pressure, depending on your preference, and is used to relax the body and stretch the muscle fibers.  It is usually a full body massage, but can be focused on specific areas.


30-minute Session - $45
60-minute Session - $69
90-minute Session - $95
120-minute Session - $130

60-minute Pamper 3-Pak - $180

90-minute Pamper 3-Pak - $270


Great for working out those kinks and knots!  Our Deep Tissue Therapy works to release tension and knots in the muscles using deep to very deep pressure, depending on your preference and the Licensed Massage Therapists recommendation based on your consultation.  This massage can be full body or focused on specific areas.



Used within 24 hours of an event, Sports Massage is tailored to each athlete's individual sport and needs.  Combining Deep Tissue with active and passing stretching, this therapeutic service will help you achieve peak physical performance prior to an event, or aid in removing soreness and lactic acid afterwards.



Myofascial therapy is the art of stretching and releasing the fascia, aiding in opening muscle and connective tissue that are holding stress.  This therapy is ideal for chronic fatigue, tension, and anxiety.



Using specific points in the ears, hands and feet, Reflexology reduces stress, improves circulation and increases energy.  Each point corresponds with different muscles and organs in the body.  This firm, yet soothing, therapy is also available in a 15-minute session for only $18.

**Reflexology is only available in 15 or 30 minute sessions**



Using slow, short strokes and deep pressure, Trigger Point Therapy works to relieve small, localized muscle cramps that may cause acute, chronic pain throughout the muscle.



Great for headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue and TMJ pain, Craniosacral therapy uses a gentle touch to improve normal flow of fluid between the head and base of the spine.  Specifically designed techniques release restrictions and compressions to the head and scalp.



Generally concentrated on one area of the body, Neuromuscular therapy utilizes alternating levels of concentration on spasming muscles to balance posture, increase energy, and increase range of motion.



Japanese for 'finger pressure', Shiatsu uses the meridian system to apply pressure to, tap, squeeze and rub specific points on the body to release energy blockages.  This aids in releasing tight muscles and reintroducing the optimal flow of qi.


30-minute Session - $50
60-minute Session - $79
90-minute Session - $115
120-minute Session - $152

60-minute Pamper 3-Pak - $225

90-minute Pamper 3-Pak - $330


This ancient Japanese energy therapy works in conjunction with the body's energy meridian lines and chakras to treat the body, mind and spirit.  The trained Licensed Massage Therapist uses spiritual energy to increase, and free, unbalanced energy with this non-invasive, non-manipulative therapy.



Pregnancy is a magical time that can leave you with low back pain, swollen ankles, fatigue and over all discomfort.  Safe for anyone who is between 12 and 38 weeks pregnant, Pre-natal massage can help to alleviate back pain, reduce swelling, increase circulation, and promote restful sleep.  One of our trained pre-natal Licensed Massage Therapists will help you to relax on our pregnancy table or pregnancy pillows, treating you to a massage that is safe and therapeutic for you and baby. Pre-Natal Massage ONLY available between 12 and 38 weeks of pregnancy. 



The first 12 weeks after giving birth can be tough.  This specialized massage can help bring your body back to it's pre-pregnancy shape.  Using light to moderate pressure, our specially trained Licensed Massage Therapists will help to re-establish pelvic structural integrity, reduce scar tissue, diminish fluid retention, promote restful sleep, and alleviate back pain.


60-minute Session - $74
90-minute Session - $110
120-minute Session - $130

60-minute Pamper 3-Pak - 210

90-minute Pamper 3-Pak - $315



This Indulgent massage uses hot stones as a tool to perform various massages techniques, penetrating the muscles, to relieve tension, warm, and relax muscles. This light to moderate pressure therapy will leave you floating on a cloud.



This full body massage uses cold stones as a tool to help reduce inflammation, decrease scar tissue, alleviate sinus pressure and ease mentrual cramps. The stones are also placed on specific pressure points to help relieve you of any aches and pains



Purchase a Pamper 3-Pak and receive 3 massages at a discounted rate!

Our Pamper 3-Paks can be used anytime, never expire and you can share them!


*Pamper 3-Paks are valid only for the service and time increment they are purchased for *no discounted upgrades *no substitutions

60-minute Relaxation or Swedish Massage Sessions - $141

$47/session - regularly $54


60-minute Specialty Massage Sessions - $180

$60/session - regularly $69


60-minute Ultra Massage Sessions - $225

$75/session - regularly $79


60-minute Luxury Massage Sessions - $210

$70/session - regularly $74

90-minute Relaxation or Swedish Massage Sessions - $225

$75/session - regularly $80


90-minute Specialty Massage Sessions - $270

$90/session - regularly $95


90-minute Ultra Massage Sessions - $330

$110/session - regularly $115


90-minute Luxury Massage Sessions - $315

$105/session - regularly $110

All of our 60, 90, & 120-minute Massage Sessions include:
  • 5-minutes to fill out a brief consent form
  • consultation with a Licensed Massage Therapist
  • 50, 80, or 110-minute massage
  • 5-minutes to redress and relax after session