All timing for skincare  services are approximate.

​30-minute Treatment - $30

A perfectly quick but effective cleansing using our botanical cleansers along with a nice steam to invigorate your facial pores.  Then a mask is gently brushed on your skin to detoxify using treatment creams to make your skin feel soft and renewed.

45-minute Treatment - $50

Men want to face the world with fresh healthy skin too!  This relaxing and personalized facial includes a skin anaysis, deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation and exractions, followed by a customized mask.  This facial is detoxifying


60-minute Treatment - $65

This is a purifying treatment for any skin type  Starting off with steaming the skin to open up the pores.  Then, a deep cleansing with extractions while using soothing botanical antiseptics.  Next the skin will be exfoliated with a mild scrub to get rid of all dead skin cells.  While you unwind and relax, we will finish up with a detoxifying and hydrating mask to give your face refinement to promote healthier and more radiant skin.

45-minute Treatment - $50​

Using rejuvenating cleansers with exfoliation and warm steam that will soften facial pores to prepare the skin for a deeper cleansing.  After a skin analysis, your skin will be nourished with a special mask that will stimulate your skin.  Applications of treatment creams will be gently massaged into your skin to promote relaxation and balance.


50-minute Treatment - $50

Lay back and enjoy the sensation of the exfoliating brush as it cleanses unwanted skin cells from the back.  Our skilled Esthetician will apply a specialty honey mask to eliminate toxins and restore hydreation to the skin.  Topped off with a relaxing back massage, soothing creams and warm towels.

60-minute Treatment - $65

We start with a deep cleansing and exfoliation by removing any unwanted dry or dead skin cells.  A relaxing deep moisturizing mask is applied to add the hydration back into your skin and replenish the cells.  This is followed by a stimulating massage using hydrating day cream to feel and capture a moisturized soft look to the skin.


65-minute Treatment - $75

Revitalize and awaken your senses with the splendor of divine indulgence from this decadet treatment.  We start with a warm scrub, followed by a relaxing steam.  Next we apply a souffle cream to enhance the benefits of our stimulating facial massage.  We finish this luxury facial with a specialty mask. All the while, your hands are enveloped in warm paraffin.  By the end, you will be sure to leave feeling luminous and your skin will look refined and glowing.

60-minute Treatment - $70

Based on protein-rich caviar - known to deeply nourish the skin, improve cell metabolism, increase firming action and provide essential antioxidant protection - and a  a high concentration of pearl extract, this indulgent treatment also provides anti-aging properties with its unique compination of antioxidants and AHAs leaving the skin soft and supple with a radiant glow.

60-minute Treatment - $70
Series of 6 Treatments - $375

Get ready to feel like you can go back in time with the yourthful glow of replenished skin.  A collagen peptide facial mask is a great facial for achieving hydrated, healthy, and nourished facial skin.  This has several amino acids from ocean sea life and can restore the skin's natural moisture barrier.  This will give you a complete feeling of restoration while lifting and firming your skin. 

30-minute Add-on Treatment - $30
60-minute Treatment - $50
Series of 6 Treatments - $240

This is a great facial recommended for both men and women.  Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive, non-surgical procedure that uses a highly controlled spray of crystals to remove the outer layer of skin and reveal the younger, tighter and more radiant skin underneath.  Common conditions compatible for microderabrasion include fine wrinkles, sun damaged skin, acne prone skin, oily skin, and superficial age spots.

**professional consultation recommended**

60-minute Treatment - $60
Series of 4 Treatments - $200

A deep pore facial cleansing along with steam is used to open and soften pores for extraction.  Detoxifying masks, which help skin appear to be smoother, are applied followed by treatment creams and specialized acne serums to help heal and encourage new cell growth.

30-minute Add-on Treatment - $40
60-minute Treatment - $60

This facial treatment works to peel away damaged skin in order to reveal fresh healthy skin.  Using chemical solutions ranging from 22% - 33%, it is often used to reduce fine lines, diminish sun damage, minimize scarring, and treat acne.

**professional consultation recommended**

Eyebrow          $10
Lip                    $10
Chin                 $10
Neck                $10
Ears                 $10
Sideburns       $10
Full Face          $40
Underarm                        $20
Upper or Lower Arm      $25
Full Arm                            $45
Toes                                    $5
Upper or Lower Leg       $45
Full Leg                             $65
Partial Back                      $30
Full Back                           $55
Bikini                             $25 - $35
Brazilian                        $40 - $50
Eyebrow                        $10
Full Leg & Bikini           $85
Full Leg & Brazilian      $110
Chest                              $20
Abdomen                       $20


Eyebrow - $20
Eyelash - $20
Eyebrow & Eyelash - $30

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